Have you got any bean bags ready for sale?
Yes, we have a huge range in stock.

Does the price include beans?
Yes, you pick the colour and we will fill it on the spot which only takes a few minutes!

Do you have any warranty?
Yes, the fabrics we use have a two year warranty and we always standby our workmanship.

How long does it take to have one made?
Allow one week to get one made from the huge range of material we have available.

Are they made in store?
Yes, we are a proud family owned South Australian business, and we make them right here in store.

What sizes do you have?
Small: Takes 150LT of beans, 65cm wide x 80cm tall
Medium: Takes 200LT of beans, 75cm wide x 85cm tall
Jumbo: Takes 300LT of beans, 90cm wide x 1m tall
¾ Lounge: Takes 400 LT of beans, 120cm long x 1m wide
Lounge: Takes 600LT of beans, 170cm long x 1m wide

Above measurements are approximate only.